Exposure Strada SB Daybright Review

Exposure Strada SB Daybright Front Light Review

This front light is the latest release in the Exposure series. The Exposure Strada SB Daybright Front Light is one of the most magnificent bike front light. This latest bike light has intelligently crafted, which brings a good amount of brightness while you are riding.

The design of the light has side cutouts, to allow for side lighting and giving 180 degrees of visibility. 

The Exposure Strada SB Daybright have used specific pulse patterns with high lumen intensity enabling to be Visible even from afar 1 km in the night.

Get the Exposure Strada SB Daybright if you want good battery life and need a bright beam.

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Good Battery Life, Bright, Remote Switch Functionality, Very good range of settings, Focused Beam shape


Overpriced compared to rivals, bulky

Operating Modes & Features

The battery consumption indicator is green when the battery is low because of Fuel gauge technology. Greenlight in the sign represents high battery consumption. Amber for medium and red for low. The OMS (Optimised Mode Selector) allows you to select a burn time tailored to your needs from several programs.

Everything is being controlled through the one aluminum button. A quick press provides a status update to you with the remaining charge and the manner. Hold that button, and you’re going to enter the program selection mode. I picked program one because I knew I would want the entire brightness for those lanes.

Double-tap that button and the comes on. It is possible to cycle through the levels within your program by pressing the button. Or press quickly to input the mode that is flashing. You can use the included switch. Since you can mount it closer into the shifter for mode changes, I preferred this.

Carrying this out on the street, first I chose program one, which is adequate for town riding’s shallow power mode and began in a lit area. It’s was a 12-hour burn-time from complete. The moment I left the illuminated streets, I changed to the medium setting. I changed soon as I turned on the lanes, although for larger roads without potholes, this mode was ideal.

For road-specific rides, here you may see the benefit of the road specific beam. The principal point of light is directed to the hedges towards the street forward without spill out. It gives illumination of the road, and I felt comfortable descending at rates approaching 30mph.

The setting that I managed to run near to empty was that the beam that is complete. The 2 hours that have been claimed are accurate, with my 1hr ride draining the light to 30%, although I did start on the energy mode to perform 10 minutes throughout the town.

Strada SB Daybright Battery Life

Charging is being done through the Smart Port +. Exposure has reduced the cost time by up to 40 percent yet to recharge from the apartment still takes 9 hours. That’s an overnight job, but you can also use one of the Support Cells of Exposure. These may be used to recharge the light or operate the light.

You can also utilize the light another device to control, though you’ll need the special connector cable. The build quality of this Strada SB is just one of its highlights, and degradation has a reputation for being long-lasting. I have used this in sunlight, washed my bicycle with it left it out in the cold and attached. It has fazed, and there are no indications of any water ingress.

To ride on unlit roads in the dark, you’ve got a choice: internal or outside the battery. Being one unit with no external battery pack, the Strada SB isn’t as active as a battery pack light offering precisely the output that has been stated, but you do get the ease of no wires.

The difference is shown by A look at the beam comparison motor. However, you’ve got to find somewhere for the battery pack. The functionality from the Strada SB is excellent, and it’s solidly built. You need to cover it, although exposure has a good record of durability.

Manufacturer Specifications


LED Configuration: 2 x White XPL2 Cree LED
Lumens: Max 1500


Battery: 7,800 mAh Lithium-Ion
Runtime: 2hrs – 36hrs
Rechargeable: Mains and USB
Charge Time: 9hrs


Weight: 230g
Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Water Resistance IPX6


Length: 106mm
Head Diameter: 46mm

In the box Exposure Strada SB Daybright, Smart Port Remote Switch Mk2, Quick release bracket, USB charge cable, Quick start guide.