Exposure Race MK14 Review

Having a high-quality bike light is very essential if you plan to venture on highways at night. It is also necessary if you need to ride through sun-starved winter days. According to British law, cyclists must have a red rear light and a white front light when riding after dark. Considering this, let’s take a look at one of the best front bike lights: The Exposure Race MK14 Front Light.

But this is common sense, as riding at night with a well-powered bike light will both help motorists notice you while on the road and help you see clearly wherever you’re headed and avoid those potholes.

There are different front lights for bikes for every budget and they vary based on power. The requirements and needs of different riders vary as well.

Exposure Race MK14 Front Light: Overview

Exposure is known to be the first company to create a very strong and reliable all-in-one light, with its range covering 5 dedicated bar lights and 6 bar/helmet lights, out of which the Race is the cheapest and smallest.

 The Exposure Race MK14 Front Light is great for XC racing due to its impressive output. This sleek and lightweight unit also has no compromise when it comes to technology, permitting cross over the potential for off-road and road cycling.

With its standard power output of 1450 lumens as well as the huge 2100 lumens in its Reflex+ mode, you can be sure of the performance of the Race MK14 front light. Although it packs powerful punches, the MK14 maintains a light and super sleek piece, weighing just 186g.

Included, is an optimal mode selector that offers 10 different modes, so you will always get an option from the list that meets your needs.


  • Length: 107mm
  • Water Resistance: IP6
  • Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Battery: 5800mAh Lithium-Ion
  • Weight: 186g
  • Lumens: Max 1450 (Reflex 2100)
  • Runtime: Minimum 2 hours Maximum 36 hours
  • Material: Anodised 6063 Aluminium
  • LED Configuration: 2 x White XPL2
  • Rechargeable: through case USB
  • Head diameter: 46mm

Pros and Cons of the Exposure Race MK14

  • Micro USB Charging
  • Cable-free design
  • Optimized mode selector
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • 36-hour Run Time
  • Reflex plus technology
  • OLED Status Display


  • This product should have a longer runtime than the 2hours for full on
  • It takes 6 hours to charge which seems a bit long
  • This front light could improve on its power

Features of Exposure Race MK14 Front Light

The Exposure Race MK14 has some great features, all for the satisfaction of users. These features include:

Great design and performance

The M14 front light has a well crafted and elegant design that perfectly suits your needs while riding, offering you advanced features and the crucial practicality that helps you take night riding to a different level. It also offers the best performance for riders.

OLED Status Display

The OLED Status Display panel of the Exposure Race MK14 provides you with vital information such as battery power time, whenever you are making a move. When charging, it also displays the battery level.

Internal Thermal Management

When there‘s an increase in the light’s internal temperature, they start losing power and as a result, become less efficient.

Thanks to its Internal Thermal Management (ITM) technology, the light’s internal temperature will manage to maintain efficiency throughout the burn time.

Reflex Plus Technology

The Exposure Race MK14 features the Reflex+ technology which detects wind chill utilizing two thermistors, a gyro that helps in detecting gradient, as well as an accelerometer that helps brighten and dim your light when needed most. When going uphill, you’ll need to go at a slower pace and therefore you’ll need less light; so to conserve your battery, the light dims.

As soon as you descend and increase your speed, the light will reach its maximum to ensure you see exactly where you’re headed. To ensure your battery lasts longer, the light will go dim to 5% whenever you not moving. It will achieve all these while maintaining your most preferred burn time.

36 Hour run time

It features a Li-ion battery of 5800mAh that offers about 36 hours of light when making use of less intense modes, all-out power when at its brightest and 2 hours of full-on.

Two-year warranty

This front bike light offers longevity and impressive waterproofing with its two-year warranty, assuring you that this UK-made bike light is just what you want for your adventure.

Optimized Mode Selector

The lights of Exposure Race MK14 has various programs that offer a choice of modes and runtimes, so you choose the one that’s best for your ride, whether it is an intense blast or an all-night adventure.

Cost: Is it Worth It?

Exposure Race MK14 front light goes for £249.99, which is more expensive when compared to that of the Exposure Race MK13 front light that costs £187.99. Though they share similar features such as the Reflex plus technology, battery capacity, internal thermal management, etc, MK13 still doesn’t match the output of MK14 that offers 2100 Lumens on Reflex boost compared to MK13’s 1900. I believe this bike light is not expensive considering its great features. 

Where to Buy Exposure Race MK14 Front Light?

Generally, the lights can be bought from AMAZON 


Having a front light is very important especially if you’re a night rider. The Exposure Race MK14 front light is one of the best front lights that will suit your needs. It has great features such as OLED status display, internal thermal management, and the Reflex plus technology, to ensure you have a great biking experience.

It also has a 36-hour maximum run time to ensure a long biking experience. With its great design and performance, the MK14 front light is one you should opt for.