Exposure Maxx-D Review

The Exposure Maxx-D MK12 is a handlebar-mounted light designed for street, enduro, and trail riding. It has a high setting of 2500 lumens with a max of 3300 lumens under the reflex technology.

Exposure lights are machined out of aluminum and are made in the UK. Not only are Exposure lights durable and super high-quality, but they’re also packed for the tech.

If you have been looking for a state-of-the-art light for commuting or mountain biking, the Maxx-D light is the real deal.

It has an impressive beam that is wide and bright. It will light up an entire lane on a very dark road or an entire trail on a very dark off-road path.

The light packs a full range of unique features that you won’t get on a conventional model. Do you want a light for year-round use? Check out the Maxx-D from Exposure Lights.

Exposure Maxx-D Light Pros and Cons


  • Made from heavy-duty and durable anodized 6063 aluminum
  • The built-in battery pack provides you a cable-free design that’s easy to maneuver
  • Reflex tech automatically adjusts brightness and maintains your preferred burn time
  • OLED status display only illuminates lit pixels to conserve energy
  • Easy to decipher program and mode info on the OLED panel
  • Multifunction button enables toggling between constant settings
  • Smart port technology allows for easy and quick recharging
  • Optimized mode selector allows you to choose a burn time that suits your riding needs
  • Collimated lens technology maximizes light collection and reduces light loss


  • It is only water-resistant, but not fully waterproof
  • Runtime is significantly low on high setting
  • It is quite an expensive bike headlight

Exposure Maxx-D MK12 Highlights

  • Dimensions: 115 mm (Length), 54 mm (Head Diameter)
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Material: Anodised Aluminium
  • LED Configuration: 4xWhite XPL2
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 11600 mAh
  • Lumens: 2500 Max, 3300 Reflex
  • Runtime: 2 to 36 Hours
  • Waterproof: IPX6

The light comes in a durable black case. When you unzip the case, you get the following items:

  • User manual
  • Light unit
  • QR handlebar bracket
  • Bracket bolt
  • Rubber strips
  • A spacer
  • A cleat and a clear bot
  • A smart charger


The light measures 115 mm in length and has a head diameter of 54 mm. It weighs 310 grams, which is understandable given the fact that it comes with an internal battery pack.

The housing of the Exposure Maxx-D MK12 is engineered from anodised 6063 aluminum material, which is highly abrasion and impact resistant.

The anodised aluminum has exceptional dust resistance properties. However, the body has a water resistance of IPX6. This means it is not entirely waterproof.

The QR bracket is a unique addition to the Maxx-D construction. This is a principle feature of the cable-free design.

With the QR bracket, you can quickly and easily attach or detach the light to the handlebar of your bike. Once installed, the light remains in a perfect position.

You can mount the QR bracket to a 31.8 mm bar or to a 25.4 / 26 mm bar. You are strongly advised not to over tighten the bracket.  

Featured Technologies

  • Reflex Technology

The Reflex technology automatically adjusts the brightness. So, you can fully concentrate on the trail or traffic ahead.

To access reflex technology you need to have your Maxx-D light in Program 1, Program 2 or Program 3.

This technology uses data from two thermistors at the front and rear of the light to detect wind change.

There is also a gyroscope that uses gradient and an accelerometer that detects cornering forces.

This means when you’re cycling uphill the Maxx-D light will automatically dim down, conserving energy for when you are descending.

The technology is refined. So, if you come to a standstill the light will dim down to about 5 percent of its lumen output, saving energy.

  • Collimated Lens Technology

The very first impressive technology of this uniquely made bike light is the collimated lens technology.

The brand uses high tech lenses, which are specifically engineered to maximise light accumulation from the high-quality LEDs.

The collimating lenses are basically curved optical lenses. The curved design generates an optimum beam pattern that ensures there is no light loss.

  • Multifunction Button

You will find the multifunction button on the back of the unit. The button operates the unit, allowing you to switch from one setting to another.

Simply double click the function button to turn on the unit. The light should be running in the brightest maximum mode.

Pushing the function button once allows you to switch from one constant setting to another. Pressing and holding the function button for one flash and release activates the flashing mode.

You can easily activate the flashing mode from any of the constant mode settings. You can reactive the max mode by pressing the button once.

Turning off the light is easy, just press and hold the function button down, the light should turn off after two flashes or approximately two seconds.

  • Optimised Mode Selector (OMS)

This is one of the most impressive technologies that comes with the Exposure Maxx-D. It allows you to choose a burn time that suits your riding needs from a number of programs.

The lumen output and burn time are directly proportional. Doubling the burn time will automatically halve the lumen output.

There’re ten programs you can choose for different modes (high, medium and low). You can find the program info on the body of the light.

Pressing and holding the function button activates the OMS function after two seconds.

When you release the function button, P1 (first program) will be displayed. Then, you can cycle through the available mode options by clicking the function button.

Once you have selected your preferred mode, you should wait for the display to sleep. Then turn on the light by double-clicking the button.

  • Cable Free Design

One of the key selling points of the Exposure Maxx-D light is the cable-free design. This simply means the batteries and all electronics of this unit are self-contained.

This eliminates cumbersome wires associated with external battery packs. The aluminum body easily attaches to the handlebar with a quick release band clamp.  

  • Smart Port Technology

You are strongly advised to fully charge your Maxx-D light before using it for the first time. Smart port technology makes charging a breeze.

Usually, the light comes with a smart charger. However, international chargers that are compatible with the light are available.

The Maxx-D comes with the highest quality li-ion batteries. The good thing about these batteries is that you can recharge them during the discharge cycle.

The recharging process is pretty straightforward.

  • Confirm that you have turned off the light
  • Plug the charger into your power supply and turn on the supply
  • The charger is operational if the LED indicates green
  • Connect the charger’s plug into the smart port of the light
  • The LED of the charger should indicate red when the unit’s charge capacity is less than 90%
  • The LED on the charger will light green when the unit is 90% full. It should light green for the remaining 10% until it is 100% full.

Important Notes:

  • Always remember to reinsert the storm cap when the light is fully charged. This helps to prevent grit and mud from damaging the smart port.
  • If the light stays unused for a long period, the battery’s voltage will drop. So, it is advisable to periodically charge the battery to restore the lost voltage when the unit is idle.
  • OLED Status Display

An OLED is an organic material that emits light when electricity is applied. The Maxx-D features an OLED status display on the back.

An OLED display is made from small red, green and blue OLED pixels. Unlike LCD displays, OLED do not require back light.

In fact, the OLED status display has a very simple design, which means the display is extremely thin and very flexible.

The status display offers excellent image quality. It also delivers great contrast, making it super easy for you to interpret the readouts.

In the OLED display, only lit pixels consume energy. This helps to prolong battery life by consuming less power.

  • Intelligent Thermal Management

One of the most important technologies for any lighting system is temperature management. The Maxx-D comes equipped with internal thermal management technology.

The circuitry of the light unit is integrated with a patented technology, which prevents the unit from heating up. This ensures there is no power loss because of high temperatures.


The Exposure Maxx-D MK12 is probably the only light that can help you vanquish the trail on your local loop or technical single-track.

Designed to deliver a powerful beam, the Maxx-D will effectively highlight the edges of your trail. It doesn’t matter where you are on all MTB, urban, road, gravel or XC.

The high price point of the light is backed by a number of modern features. Each design feature is aimed at improving your trail experience.

The light has a maximum of 2500 lumens, but the innovative reflex technology boosts the beam to 3300 lumens. So, there is no rock, rut or root that will stop you in the dark.