The Best Removable Bike Pedals

Following my success with folding handlebars which has transformed our hallway, I quickly found I could go one step further and get even more space by changing my pedals. But to change the pedals, I would have needed to find out which would be the best removable pedals.

I still found that while they won’t provide a breakthrough in terms of extra space like the new handlebars, they would reduce the profile of the bike by just a few more inches.

There seem to be two options.

  • Folding pedals
  • Quick-release removable pedals

Folding pedals

Unlike the handlebars, there is a reasonable amount of choice with space-saving pedals. First I considered folding pedals. There are a lot of cheap and cheerful plastic folding pedals available on eBay but following a bit of research. I was concerned about the horror stories where I’d heard they are not very strong and can have a tendency to fall apart. Widely reported as the best folding pedals are the MKS FD7.

These have good reviews and like most MKS products have great build quality, smooth folding action, and high-quality bearings. I decided to go for removable pedals as they have a narrower profile when removed than the folding pedals do when folded. Again I gravitated towards the MKS brand due to their terrific build quality.

Quick release removable pedals

The MKS EZY range is all quick-release removable pedals. There are two types. – Standard EZY and EZY superior.  The standard version requires a small yellow clip to be fitted to secure the pedal in place whereas the superior version has a more advanced mechanism for attaching and detaching the pedals and doesn’t need the clip. I decided I wanted maximum convenience so I went for the superior version.

I wasn’t disappointed by the build quality of the MKS pedals. They feel very solid and the bearings are the smoothest I’ve ever experienced on a pedal. The pedals are detachable by a simple twist and push of the central cap towards the axle and pulling the pedal out.

It’s a little fiddly initially but like all these things you quickly get the hang of it. A little bag is supplied for carrying around the pedals if you remove them while you’re out and about. It’s well worth using this as the central axle can get a little greasy.

Are they worthwhile? Removing the pedals does make the profile of the parked bike a fair amount narrower especially if used in conjunction with the folding handlebars.