The Best Dynamo Bike Lights In 2020

Why need Best Dynamo Powered Bike Lights? At times it is frustrating to ride the bike and worrying about battery discharges. The situation gets never settled which is not at all comfortable nor safe while riding the bike. Addressing this particular problem, Dynamo lights come into the picture. 

What are Dynamo Powered Bike Lights?

Dynamo powered lights are nothing but non-battery powered lights that works with the motion of your bike. As you ride, the friction between the tyres; dynamo creates electricity to power up the light. Since the wheel is rotating, it creates energy with Dynamo which then acts like a generator. The faster the wheel moves lights get more power.

Dynamo lights can be of following types:

  • Hub dynamos
  • Direct contact dynamos
  • Magnetic induction lights

In recent years, dynamo lighting are a huge advancement over lighting powered by a battery. The benefit would be of not worrying about \ batteries running or losing capability in chilly weather. Not needing to worry about batteries means that the lights can be switched on continuously. 

Pros and Cons of Dynamo Powered Bike Lights


  • Exceptional visibility
  • No batteries used
  • Very high quality beam patterns


  • Difficult installation
  • Not easily transferable between bikes
  • Not much lux output

How to easily remove Dynamo lights fitted in your bike?

At times it is needed to remove these Dynamo lights from your bike and either fit in another bike or to change the light. We have found various ways on this to remove the lights.

  • With Seatpost quick release lever with the wire connectors in front was an easy way to take off. 
  • By mounting the headlight unto one of these handlebars. This is another easiest method with which light can be removed easily.

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Top 5 Dynamo Powered Front Bike Lights

Senso Plus 80 lux LED bicycle dynamo headlight

This light provides Superb brightness while riding at night. Whatever weather it might be, this light will not disappoint you. It provides 80 lux of output which is way 20-30 lux more power than standard. 

It does have stand light which lights up to 4 minutes and equipped with senso technology i.e switches on automatically. While in the day it has a daytime light mode. After the daytime mode is switched, it has increased visibility to other road users.

At night the beam gets automatically adjusted with the speed of the bike. 


  • Awesome brightness
  • Very good beam shape
  • Easy to fit


  • Awesome brightness
  • Very good beam shape
  • Easy to fit
  • High quality build
  • Excellent product and worth the cost.

Büchel LED Retro Front light for hub dynamo

This has an awesome retro look with very bright high power LED bulb. Its beam range is adjustable. It comes with chromed plastic housing. 

Its capacitor works with all standard bicycle dynamo. The extremely high efficiency of LED lighting ensures even at low energy flux for a moderate illumination of the road and therefore also contributes actively to your safety. 
This list also has the attachment given for cables to the rear light.


  • Straightforward to fit
  • Give a strong white light
  • Easy to wire a rear led light


  • Beam not that good
  • No automatic stand light

Nean Bicycle Bike Dynamo CREE LED headlight

Nean Bicycle Bike Dynamo CREE LED headlight is awsome light which a very modern lamp. It has an advanced built-in light sensor that can detect the nightfall and automatically switch on the light by itself while riding. Light will adjust according to the conditions. 

This light can fill the dynamo types (6 V/3 W and 6 V/2.4 W). It has a Built-in reflector for additional security. It is 30 lux light which is decent for the price. 


  • Strong beam light , visibility to around 5-6 m
  • It has parking light
  • Easy connection to back light.
  • Value for money


  • Not very bright

Swallow Eco Friendly Dynamo Power Bicycle Lights

As the name suggests with Swallow eco-friendly bike light now you can ride the bike in a night without a dynamo or empty batteries. Go Green’s Bicycle Lights/Charger is a revolving rechargeable light system. With very easy charging, the light can be charged by revolving the light manually for a minute. This gives around 8-10 min of steady light brightness or 60 min of flashing light brightness. 


  • Awesome design
  • Front light can easily power the rear light when mounted in the handlebar.
  • It can be used as torch as well.
  • Comes with Nokia Charger.


  • Power runs out fast

 Büchel Secu Sport S 51250845 LED Headlight

Made by Germans this is yet another amazing dynamo powered bike front light which gives 40 lux of brightness.  Since it has a lasting housing, it is unbreakable. Due to it’s LED technology, it can give an output of 40 lux. It has a stainless steel holder and is splashproof, meaning it becomes easier to take and ride the bike on rains. The headlight has also the connection to rear light. 


  • Excellent light emitter.
  • Stand light can last up to 4 min.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Value for money


  • Shortage of Wire.
  • Bottom (straight) part fixing bracket is a little short

Which Best Dynamo Powered Bike Light will you buy?

Now that I just gave you a brief rundown on how to choose the best dynamo powered bike light and reviews of five of my favorite lights, which one are you planning to buy? Will it be the cheap one with less emission and advantage of it is not stolen? Or maybe you prefer the excellent designed one with good light emission? In the end, it’s your preference that matters.

So, go ahead and choose one for yourself and let me know about your experience in the comments section below.